It doesn't get better than the monthly drink deal at Applebee's.

The chain has announced their special deal for the month of September and it's something you've probably heard of before!

The 'Adios' is the featured treat. It's basically a blue long island iced tea. It contains several different types of alcohol: vodka, rum, tequila and gin. It also contains blue curacao, sweet and sour flavoring and Sierra Mist.

The best part is the drink is only a buck. That's right - you can go and sip on the fruity drink for just one dollar throughout the entire month of September.

A little fun fact for you: the drink actually has a full name that isn't safe for the internet or the radio! Ha. You can also refer to it as Applebee's did: a blue long island iced tea. This is the much safer option.

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