The holiday shopping season is upon and shopping downtown Duluth was recently made easier with the addition of easy to use parking pay stations.

According to the City of Duluth, not only did the Superior Street makeover include new lighting, benches, colored and stamped concrete finishes and new utilities, but it also included several “pay by plate” stations on every block making downtown parking both easier and more efficient.  These stations will fully operational the week of November 26.

If you've parked at the Depot parking lot and in Canal Park, you're probably familiar with these parking stations.  Basically, you just enter your license plate number and use either cash or a credit card as forms of payment.  Using your smart phone to take a picture of your license plate is an easy way to remember the number.

By downloading the "Duluth Park" app, you can save your license plate number within the app.  Then you'll just need to open the app, enter the parking zone number and time needed and then pay.

Follow the link below to download the app, which is the most convenient way to pay when parking downtown.

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