Douglas County Sheriff Tom Dalbec shared a post on Facebook offering further public comment on the Jayme Closs case days after she was found alive.  Now that things have settled down, he says there are many people to thank but the true hero in this case is Jayme Herself. He cites her 'resolve and courage' as being amazing.

Also some other unsung heroes in this was Jeanne Nutter who recognized Jayme and immediately got her to safety. Kristen and Peter Kasinkas also opened their home to allow Jayme a safe a secure place to stay until authorities arrived.

Also Douglas County 911 Dispatcher Amy Pullen who took the call, dispatched authorities, and remained on the line gathering important information.

He finished the post thanking Sgt. Matt DeRosia, who found the suspect going off of Jayme's description and apprehended him.

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