Earlier this week we had a long warm stretch where we saw most of our snow melt away.  It felt like spring 2 months earlier than normal.  A lot of people were excited and ready to put away the shovels and stow away the snowblowers.  However, we are not in the clear yet.

We just narrowly missed a big snow storm that went east.  Phew!  Dodged that one right?   Hold on a minute, March actually is one of the snowier months historically for our region.

According to usclimatedata.com, March in Duluth averages 13 inches of snow.  That's only behind the months of December and January in amount of snow.  April also averages 7 inches of snow for our area.

Talking with Dana Zimmer from WDIO this morning, she says there looks to be several snow events in the future.  We'll have to see how that plays out.

So if you love winter sports, there is still some hope for another month of fun in the snow.  If you don't, well it's the Northland.  This is to be expected.

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