It's been an interesting winter. What was supposed to be an "El Niño" winter, with warmer and drier conditions for our part of the country, has been anything but that. We saw near record cold temperatures at the end of January, the snowiest February on record, and the wild ride looks to continue into March.

The National Weather Service is looking at upcoming weather patterns that point to a colder than average start to March. The Sioux Falls office of the National Weather Service shared a graphic on social media that depicted favorable probability of colder than normal temperatures for Minnesota and Wisconsin (along with a giant swath of northern states).

The projected favorability for colder than normal temperatures extends through March 10, with the greatest probability (80%) being March 2-6, and a 70% probability for the Twin Ports area from March 4th through the 10th. So, what are "normal" temperatures for the next couple weeks?

For this week (2/24-3/2), the average daytime high is 25 degrees, while the forecast has projected daytime highs from the single digits into the teens above zero. For next week (3/3-3/9), the average daytime high is 28 degrees, and it sounds like we can expect to see temperatures colder than that according to what the National Weather Service is seeing.

In case you're curious, the "normal" daytime highs for the following week (3/10-3/16) is 36 degrees. For those hoping for a warm-up, here's hoping we'll start seeing "normal" temperatures sometime soon.

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