We've always heard money doesn't buy happiness.  Well being poor doesn't buy happiness either.  A new study shows that wealthier countries (like the U.S.) have more satisfied people than poorer countries.

The study found here on the week.com, shows that the more money people make, the happier they are.   But how can this be?

Most of us have at one point in our life struggled financially.   Whether you were fresh out of college, laid off, had mortgage payment inflate, we've all felt the pinch.  And were you "happy" or satisfied during those times?

I know I wasn't.  In fact there were times when I was young, stupid, and terrible with the money that I had that I was often in the hole.  They were definitely not the happiest times.

It is worth pointing out though, we are lucky to live in the United States.  Even most of our poorest people have it better than people living in some other countries.   We all want to make more money, but really the key to happiness is to work towards what you want, but be grateful to what you have.  That's something I try to constantly remind myself when the budget gets tight.

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