I happened to stumble on some old WWF videos on YouTube that were put up by Perfect Duluth Day. I never realized how many pro wrestling stars made their way through Duluth and wrestled at the DECC.  Some of them are still big names, too.

The first video that I saw was the match between Randy Savage and Virgil that took place in 1988 at what they describe as the "Downtown Duluth" arena. This was an actual show that was taped for Television broadcast as well.  Look for the cameo from Governor Ventura from back when he was still 'The Body.'


Looking at a wrestling archive of different matches, pro wrestling was here quite a bit back in the 80's and 90's, with the most recent time being in 2010. The whole number of events is somewhere around the 50 mark.  That's a lot of wrestling.

Big names have come through too, like Andre the Giant, The Big Show, Chris Benoit, and even John Cena. Unfortunately, since those weren't tapings, there are video of it.  It was also back before everyone had a camera phone in their pocket. But, pretty cool that they did wrestle here.

Perhaps it's time to bring back a show to our newer and larger Amsoil Arena. Would you go?




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