This year's Oscars, and ones past have featured some moving roles with men showing emotion. Some of the Oscar voters have said it was that emotion that put them over the hump and got them the nod. What do you think of men that cry

Some men (and women) feel that it lessons men, men shouldn't have emotion. There have been studies that show that boys are taught to shrug off pain and emotion and take it in stride. Denis Leary, actor and comedian, says his Dad cut off his finger and never even shed a tear. Where girls are supposed to show their feelings. The study showed that men died younger because there was no release of emotion.

Now we see men cry because they retire, they win the Super Bowl, they are talking about their children. In the movies, the new Bond movie, he cries.

Personally, I am emotional. I cry at weddings and have a lot of emotion when I talk about loved ones. I don't think it makes me any less or any more of a man, just human.

According to Jessica Ferri who writes for Love and Sex posted on Shine Yahoo! Believe it or not, crying was once considered a sign of masculine strength. “Medieval warriors and Japanese samurai cried during times of epic tragedy. In Western culture, a man’s capacity to cry indicated his honesty and integrity. Abraham Lincoln used strategic tears during his speeches,” according to Psych Central.

She goes on to say There's evidence that crying is once again becoming a sign of courage for men in politics— a place where stoicism has long ruled. Speaker of the House John Boehner was christened “Weeper of the House,” for his frequent displays of emotion, and even President Obama has shed a few tears publicly in recent months.

I think it will always be up for judgement, but it doesn't seem like holding anything in is healthy.

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