I have a feeling we will be hearing 'Dilly Dilly' a lot more often this month.

Not only is it a popular catchphrase made famous by a Super Bowl commercial BUT it is also the name of the new November drink deal at Applebee's.

This month, you can snag a Bud Light for just $2 bucks. It is called the "Two Dollar Dilly Dilly" and it's served in a 10-oz mug.

There is a catch: you will have to scream 'Dilly Dilly' in your best medieval voice once you're servced. (Okay, I made that up but I doubt it is frowned upon to do so.)

The drink is available at select Applebee's locations across the Northland, including the Duluth location, situated at the Miller Hill Mall off Miller Trunk Highway, and the Superior store found on Tower Avenue.

As awesome as this drink deal is, I don't think anything can compare to what the chain offered last month: a Halloween treat called the 'DOLLAR ZOMBIE.' It was topped with a gummy brain. It doesn't get spookier than that.

We will still happily accept and raise our glass to this drink deal. Dilly Dilly!

To see the inspiration behind it all, watch the video below:

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