Like many workplaces around the country, a group of us here at the radio station formed a fantasy football league to see who has the most elite fantasy football mind. B105 afternoon personality David Drew was crowned the winner; and being the pranksters we are, a check or stack of cash wouldn't work.

Being I happen to have been the commissioner of our league, I conspired with some of my fellow league members to come up with some unique ways to offer David's $200 winnings, and here's what we came up with.

Watch David Drew Discover His Fantasy Football Winnings

Pennies were our ideal choice, but getting $200 in pennies (or 400 rolls worth) is difficult on short notice. Nickels were the next best two boxes, or 100 rolls of nickels it was! In case you are curious, those boxes are HEAVY! Ask Ken, who wasn't involved in the fantasy football league but still helped in David's payment.

In any case, congrats to David!

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