If you have issues with your storm sewer drain system, don't like the pot holes on your road, want to discuss taxes for your neighborhood, need to discuss the job situation in our area or just want to meet our Mayor Emily Larson, you'll have that opportunity to get face time with four dates in the community listening series, City Hall in the City.

Our Mayor has that open door, face to face policy with a twist.  She plans to visit each district with the City Councilor from that district and hold a listening series, she's calling "City Hall in the City".  There are four dates, all on Wednesday scheduled at this time.  The first is February 15 with Councilor Em Westerlund and will be held at the Grand Recreation Center, 901 East 11th Street from 5:30-7:00p. The second is March 15 with Council President Joel Sipress at the Kenwood Lutheran Church, 2720 Myers Avenue, again starting at 5:30p and running until 7:00p.  The third City Hall in the City meeting will take place April 19 with Councilor Noah Hobbs at the American Indian Community Housing Organization in Trepanier Hall, 202 West 2nd Street.  The fourth meeting is set for May 17 with Councilor Zack Filipovich at Piedmont Heights Community Center, 2302 West 3rd Street.  There will be additional listening sessions will be announced at a later day and I'll be sure to share them with you.

This is your chance to bring your concerns, praise, suggestions or whatever is on your mind and get it in front of Mayor Emily Larson and the City Councilors in your district. The Mayor anticipates that you may bring your kids to the event because she plans on bringing art supplies for their creativity to shine.  The artwork will be proudly displayed in her and the City Councilors' respective offices.  Cool concept!

If you can't make it to the City Hall in the City meetings there are a couple of additional options.  You could write down your concerns to be reviewed with staff at a later date or wait for the next meeting at another location which is expected to be announced after the first of the year.

Info: City of Duluth, Pakou Ly

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