I get it.  The dad struggling to hold it all together is an iconic funny moment made famous from TV shows and movies.  You'll see him struggle changing diapers.  You'll see him dropping things in the grocery store with kids screaming.  You'll see him burn dinner, shrink clothes in the dryer, and let the kids destroy the house.   But does that really happen anymore?  I can't think of another fellow dad my age that has those problems.  In fact most of us have a pretty decent handle on it. 

Now don't get me wrong.  My wife is very capable and a great mom and in most situations she has more patience and poise than I do with the kids.  But that doesn't mean I'm a bumbling idiot when left alone with them.  I've picked up a toddler covered in poop and brought her straight to the bathroom to peel of the clothes and wash her up in the tub while containing fecal matter.  I've had kids puke on me.  All ages in fact!  I can handle a meltdown in the grocery store when the toddler wants candy and I say no.

It really isn't that big of deal that people think we are incapable of taking care of children.  I get that it's funny.  But what still gets me is when someone says, "Hey your babysitting the kids today?"  "Or hey it's a day with dad today."

Everyday is a day with dad, and that's how it should be.  For me, I pick up the kids almost everyday, cook dinner for them, etc.  It's not babysitting, it's our life.  And that's how it should be if you're lucky enough.

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