We've heard of the Craigslist killer, and now we have another chilling story.  A help wanted ad was placed on craigslist.  A man was hired for the job and told to bring all of his belongings with him since he would be working and living on a farm.  He loaded up all of his stuff and drove across the country to meet his new employers. 

They met for breakfast, then the man followed them to the farm.  On the way they pulled over and said the road was impassable and had to go on foot.  Then in the woods they tried to kill him.  He was able to escape after deflecting the barrel of the gun, but was shot in the elbow.  He ran to a nearby farm house through the woods and called the police.

Turns out he wasn't the only man they had lured.  When police searched the farmhouse they found an empty shallow grave (probably for him) and another one with a body in it.  Read more details about this chilling plot at the dailymail.