Stihl Chainsaw MS271 Farm Boss Review
I purchased a brand new Stihl Chainsaw "Farm Boss" last week and finally got a chance to put it to the test this weekend in the woods.  The farm boss has changed in recent years.  It used to be the MS290 model, but Stihl now sells the farm boss as a redesigned 271 model.
Farm Equipment Is Back On The Road
It's fall, and that means some of the farmers are going to be working on their fields and using their equipment. It's not the fastest equipment but it is needed to get the job done. Law enforcement is reminding everyone to keep an eye out for equipment on the road and keep an eye out for i…
Fresh Eggs VS Store Bought Eggs Taste Test [VIDEO]
I have a friend who has a chicken coop just outside of town.  Recently, their family took a vacation and he asked me to look after his chickens.  The tradeoff was I got to keep all the eggs that were laid while they were gone.  I had never had a farm fresh egg before, and I immediatel…