Gender reveals don't get more Minnesotan than this.

A St. Paul couple decided to find out their impending baby's gender in the best way ever: by eating a cheeseburger. Yes, this is true.

The gender reveal took place at the Blue Door Pub in the cities. This is the restaurant responsible for the Minnesota staple that is the Juicy Lucy - a cheeseburger filled with cheese. I am hungry just thinking about it.

The couple decided that the big factor would be the cheese here. They decided brie cheese would represent a girl and pepper jack would rep a boy. As far as gender reveals go, this has to be the most amazing and creative one i've ever seen.

I love the reaction they have when they cut through the 'Blucy' burger. Watch the heartwarming video below, shared by the pub itself on their Facebook page.

I personally would not be able to tell the difference between brie and pepper jack right off the bat so I would probably have a delayed reaction. I also have never had a real Juicy Lucy so I am adding that to my bucket list PRONTO.

By the way, this is couple goals right here.

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