This week David Letterman signed off as most of us wished he would continue to be a late night mainstay.  For my Country Throwback this week, I started thinking of country artists he's had on over the years and one obscure episode has always stuck with me.

In 1996, Dave invited Rhett Akins onto the "Late Show With David Letterman".  The reason why it stuck with me is that Rhett was a new artist at the time with only the single "That Ain't My Truck" on the radio.  I remember in his introduction, Letterman said he'd heard the song while driving around and after hearing it he decided the tune would "change your life".

To this day, I don't know if he actually liked the song or if he was being the sarcastic host we know and love.  Either way, Rhett came out and did a fine job in his first nationally televised performance and the song would become a number one hit.

I'm sure Rhett remembers that performance as I bet being on David Letterman isn't something anyone forgets.



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