Well this just plain sucks.  I've been taking over the counter Omeprazole for about two years now to treat regularly occurring heartburn.  It was a miracle when I found it, because it's the only antacid that really did the trick for me.  Now this week, a study has come out saying that it increases my risk for an early death.  Usually I brush these "studies" off, but this was kind of alarming.

Now with any study, they tell you to follow your doctors direction.  The results of this is more of a cautionary "maybe we should look at this" advice to doctors.  Either way, the increase of long term use in the study shows a 25% increase in premature death.  Some of the issues are kidney disease, heart disease, pneumonia, dementia, yikes!

The makers of Prilosec say that used within the recommended use, there are no risks.  To their defense, the directions say for use up to two weeks.  I just kept taking it because it worked so well.

I'm hoping that since I've been eating healthier, fewer carbs, and I've lost about 30 pounds that I can quit taking heartburn medication all together, but we will see what happens.


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