This just doesn't quite add up and it's a bit hard to believe. Some scientists are saying that climate change and warmer air in the wrong places could be causing this tremendous polar vortex we are experiencing.

According to the Associated Press, displaced warmer air is causing the freezing polar arctic air to split and wander. In this case that polar vortex moved south and is bringing it's colder air to the continental 48 states where we are seeing the coldest temperatures in the last 25 years.  Experts are warning that this will be commonplace in the future with the ongoing climate change and that we should prepare ourselves for even more brutal winters. They also expect these cold snaps to continue in all the way through mid march.

Not all scientists are in agreement that climate change is connected with the polar vortex. I know from personal experience growing up in Northern Minnesota that we had these temperatures very often back in the 1980's and 90's. -30F is very cold, but not extremely uncommon. There were even times when Lake Superior completely froze over in some of the coldest of winters, and that's before the talk of global warming.

Regardless, it's cold. Bundle up.

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