Weeks ago, the GQ article came out with Phil Robertson's controversial comments.  A&E suspended him for a brief period of time.   Everybody and their Uncle (Si) were talking about Duck Dynasty.  However, there may be a few coincidences... like the fact that Duck Dynasty Marathons were on TV quite a bit during this controversy,  or maybe because the new season premiere was just around the corner. 

At first, someone asked me if this was all a publicity stunt.  I didn't think so, until after I saw the tremendous marketing ability of it all.

What did A&E and the Robertson's have to lose?  They already had loyal fans-  fans that they probably knew would stick up for the Robertsons.  People would be talking about it.  Any publicity is good publicity right?

Now, the family has launched their line of Mossberg guns.  Good timing right?   Now that just puts an exclamation point to this whole controversy.   What better way to appeal to a right wing conservative base than quoting the Bible and selling guns.

And I'm not trying to make this political.  It just happens to go hand in hand in this country: conservative values and guns.   It's a great marketing strategy. And just so you know, I own a gun safe full of hunting rifles, please don't take this as an attack on 2nd amendment rights.

So maybe it's all a coincidence, right?  Possibly.  But something smells fowl.


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