I'm pretty excited that Intervention is back on TV.  I feel a little guilty though for finding the show so interesting, when these people are at the worst point in their life.  My wife and I watch the show and hang on the edge of our seat at the end to see if these people really got better or not.  That was the case last night after watching Zach and Whitney's story.

The show was a two story episode.  Theresa, an alcoholic suffering from liver disease was the other.  That was also disturbing, but honestly it was a story we've seen many times.

Zach & Whitney was different.  They have a young boy and neither of them can get their life together.   It started out with Whitney pleading for help with her boyfriend Zach, saying he was so far into the drug he needed help.  When the show's producers started filming him, they soon realized that she was also an addict.  (Probably was the whole time.)

The lengths they went to get money for the drugs was beyond disturbing.  Zach estimated his habit cost him $200 a day.  He stole from his Grandpa and pawned off items like his vacuum cleaner, laptop, and even his kids toys!  I was furious when I saw them take the power wheel toys that were dropped off at the front door and go pawn them for money.  Here are things for his own kid that he's stealing.  And Whitney was just equally as bad for letting it happen.

Seeing all the theft from people so close makes you realize what a problem crime and theft is with drug use.  We are seeing it more and more in the Northland with gas stations being robbed, property theft, and people stealing scrap metal.  If they can steal from their own children, nothing will stop them at stealing from you.

It's just sad.  So sad.  At the end of the episode we get a short sentence or two about how they are doing.   Zach seemed to be doing well and focused in his recovery.  He was transitioning into a sober living house.  Whitney relapsed.   My heart sank.  I hope and pray that their kid will turn out ok, because as we saw in this episode that Zach's dad was an addict as well.  It's a vicious family cycle.


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