Want a quick breakfast that gives you the energy you need for the day but only takes 5 minutes?  Here ya go!


Heat N Serve microwaveable sausage

1 potato (any kind)

Any type of cheese

2 eggs

Ingredients can really be whatever you want.  I use microwaveable heat n serve sausage for my protein, but ham slices, turkey lunch meat, whatever leftovers you have work great as well.

So this is pretty simple.  Just microwave a baked potato for about 5 minutes.  While that's going fry up a couple of eggs.  As the eggs are nearing done, put a slice of cheese on top to melt it.  Once the potato is done, heat up the sausage, cut it up and throw it on the potato.  Add the eggs and you're ready to eat.  Simple, quick, and tastes great!

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