The new roundabout project that will replace the deadly Cloquet Highway 33 / I-35 intersection will begin on Monday.  According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, lane closures will first begin on Monday that will allow bypasses to be created for the project. The roundabout is expected to be completed in October and MNDOT says it's the answer to the safety concerns of that intersection.

While many people locally have expressed their frustrations with roundabouts, the statistics show they are much safer and more effective.  There have been 5 serious crashes with fatalities in this intersection alone in the last 10 years.

Personally, I think if we can save lives and people are educated on how to use a roundabout, it's a definite win. After several years of using the roundabout in Superior at the base of the Bong Bridge, it's clear that it is safer and much more effecient.  There's a learning curve but if people get on board it will be better for everyone.

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