Colt Ford is a trailblazer in the genre of Country Music.  He's so far on the leading edge that sometimes his music doesn't make it into mainstream country.  That doesn't mean it isn't good though.

I've been a fan of Colt's for a while.  I loved his album "Every Chance I Get," and he has enough respect of other artists in country music that every album he puts out has some big duets with some heavy hitters.

You can expect the same from "Thanks For Listening."  The album serves as a tribute to his fans who keep him going.  He has a strong and vocal fan base, and he knows it's all thanks to them that he is where he's at.

The album kicks off with the title track, and it's a solid tune showcasing Colt's strengths.  What I enjoy about Colt is he has his own style of "Country Rap."  He's not trying to do anything other than himself.

My personal favorites off the album are "The High Life w/ Chase Rice,"  "Sip It Slow w/ Lee Brice,"  "Farm Life w/ Justin Moore,"  and "Washed In The Mudd w/ Randy Houser."

If you like Colt Ford's music, you'll love this album.  If you are unaware of his sound, check out the music video for the title track: