If you spend time working outdoors, you've likely found that wood chips can be quite useful for a variety of purposes.

Creative Gardens points out that wood chips can be an excellent ground cover for gardens, parks, chicken runs, playgrounds, and around shrubs. They add that a layer of this organic matter is great for all kinds of soil organisms, such as worms, lice, bacteria, and fungi.

JK Enterprise Landscape Company points out that wood chips are also a useful resource to consider when planning a new or improved landscape design for your front, back, or side yard. Wood chips can serve as a great walkway substrate for both well-trodden and lightly used walkways. Using wood chips in this capacity helps even out uneven surfaces.

While wood chips can be used for a variety of functional outdoor purposes, they can also be used for fun things like making furniture or art. They can help provide variable colors, shapes, and patterns to a project.

Whatever you need wood chips for, the City of Duluth’s Parks Maintenance Division is ready to provide them free to the public. According to their press release, they will place clean, discarded wood chips for public use to anyone who can make use of them.

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Those interested are invited to pick them up in bulk, beginning Saturday, December 9, at the U-shaped driveway by Tony Emanuel Field at Woodland Park, which is located at 8 East Anoka Street.

According to the City, the wood chips are an urban forestry byproduct and they are untreated. They'll be available on a first-come, first-served basis beginning December 9 to anyone wishing to use them. If the pile depletes, Parks Maintenance staff will continue to refill them until the spring.

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