You will still have to prove residency in your district, show your driver's license and sign the paper before you get a ballot, but what's ON your ballot may change.  The Duluth City Council is considering "ranked-choice" voting.  How do you feel about that?

As reported by, the possibility of changing the way we vote in the City of Duluth was discussed at last night's city council meeting.  The election process being considered would eliminate a primary election in August and you would see more names on the ballot in November.

Now, you choice just one candidate.  With the new process you would rank your top three choices.  That way, if a voter's choice doesn't have enough votes to win, they would count the second and so on.

According to City Councilor Emily Larson,

"The risk of the current system is that often campaigns are about pitting candidates against each other," City Councilor Emily Larson said ahead of the meeting. "In a ranked-choice campaign, what you get to do is really talk about the issues, because I would be campaigning just as much for your second place vote as for your first."


The city council will be hearing a proposal, but if they should choose to pass it, you could see a ranked-choice system on the ballot in November.

Info: WDIO

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