Ken & I have launched a new segment called The Monday Laugh Off. We tell bad jokes every Monday morning around 7:10. We both have to try and keep a straight face and switch off telling each other awfully good jokes. The first person to laugh loses.

Chris was filling in for Ken this morning so I thought I might have a chance at winning this thing. We battled it out with our bad jokes and in the end, we couldn't agree on who won or who lost this round. He says I smirked at one point which means he won but I don't agree. I think it was a tie!

P.S. I always feel bad not laughing but I have been practicing so one day I have a chance of winning this thing!

Who do you think won this week? Maybe I should let him win this round so we can call ourselves even after this prank last week.

Watch the video below and let me know who you think was victorious!

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