Chris Lane has made it big and sometimes that means your dirty laundry is aired for all of the world to see. I started listening to a podcast this afternoon at work to have some background noise but my ears perked up when I heard his name.

*For your information: I am guilty of loving the Bachelor franchise and enjoy knowing what goes on behind the scenes. I understand this is embarrassing. The podcast is hosted by Reality Steve, a man made famous for spoiling every season and spilling secrets about the contestants.

Anyway, he was interviewing a former Bachelor contestant about her experience. She happens to live with a different contestant from her season. The roommate hopped on the call and the next thing you know, she's telling all about her relationship with Chris Lane. She says some not-so-flattering things about the country star AND every time you think she's done, she keeps the juicy details coming.

She says she dated Chris and flew to see him on tour every few weeks. She even went on vacation with his family. It turns out he may have had a few other girls on the side.

(If you aren't seeing the connection here, Chris appeared on an episode of the show earlier this year and is a huge fan of the show. The irony.)

You can't believe everything you hear but I will let you listen and decide for yourself.


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