It's something I look forward to every year, flippin' pancakes for the Duluth Lion's Club.  My husband told me a few years back that he has wanted to flip pancakes at the Lion's Club Pancake Day since he attended the event as a five year old boy.  I told him I could make that dream come true and we've been flippin' ever since!


By the time he's done with work and we get to the DECC its' around 5pm, THE BUSIEST time!  We both had lines at our grill the entire time we were there and when we were planning to leave they were a bit worried they may run out of pancake batter this year.

It's one of those local events that is more than just a pancake feed.  You will inevitably see friends, neighbors, and business acquaintances that you haven't talked to in months, sometime years.  Being in the media, it's a chance for me to chat with other media staff in the Northland while we pour coffee together.  Plus, the food is delicious and the coffee is hot!  They were ahead of last year's pace by 9am and on their way to success.  Their goal was to raise over $50,000 for the local programs they support, including vision, hearing loss, youth and diabetes.  By the time we left at 6:45 they were hoping they would have enough pancake batter to feed the mass of supporters still wanting pancakes.

I use to be a Lion's Club member until my "plate" got too full. so I know first hand how much time and effort they put into the event.  The planning months out, the set-up the day before and the exhausting physical and mental toll that the day itself takes.  Not to mention the day after, when grills need to be cleaned and all equipment needs to be stored for next year.  I wanted to make sure the Lion's Club members know how much their dedication and commitment is appreciated by myself and the Community to continue the much needed programs their fundraising supports!


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