As I was reading about the ability to take great butt shots with a Belfie stick (who does that? Not Me!). I started to ponder, what do we all have that is near and dear to us and would want to share? OUR DOGS! Introducing the Delfie!

There's all kinds of selfies out there.  You've all seen the one taken in the gym, the "healthy selfie".  If you get a new hairdo or outfit you send out the "validation selfie".  I'm guilty of the "victory selfie" where you snap yourself after running a half marathon or completing some other amazing (to you) accomplishment and of course there is the every popular "duck face selfie" accentuating your cheekbones while giving the camera that Kardashian inspired pouty look.  Let's get this one making the rounds, the DELFIE!

Meet my Schnauzer, Bauer and his first Delfie!

Kylee and Bauer's Delphie

This is my daughter Kylee with Bauer.
Obviously you'll have to take the delfie since our dogs weren't born with opposable thumbs.  I showed you mine, now show me yours!!!  Can't wait to see them!


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