If you're a Carlton County resident that has pets that need to be spayed or neutered, Carlton County and the City of Cloquet have potentially good news.

The Carlton County Pet Spay/Neuter Program is current accepting applications.  This program provides financial assistance in getting your pets spayed/neutered.

These vouchers include $150 off a cat spay/neuter and $250 off of a dog spay/neuter at any of the three listed local veterinary offices (Crow-Goebel Veterinary Clinic, Cloquet Animal Hospital and Moose Lake Veterinary Clinic.)

All approved vouchers must be redeemed prior to 12/31/2020. There is no cash value/cash back and the voucher will be paid directly to the veterinary clinic to cover the associated amount based on animal species. Pet owners are responsible for any additional expenses above and beyond the approved voucher.

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In order to apply, interested residents must have proof of residency in Carlton County (valid photo ID) and a limit of 3 pets per household. There is limited funding available, so you should submit an application as soon as possible.

Application forms are available by stopping by the Cloquet Police Department, located at 101 14th Street. You can also follow the link below to access the application form online, which you can print off, fill out and mail in,

For more information, you can call the Cloquet Police Department main office at 218-879-1247 or email the event coordinator Officer Silgjord at lsilgjord@cloquetmn.gov.

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