The Twins kick of their Playoff Division Series tonight against the evil New York Yankees, and Twins fans are doing everything they can to support their team. Homer Hanky's are back that say "Bomba SZN," and jumping on that trend, Caribou Coffee has renamed some of their beverages.

Caribou Coffee is Minnesota Based, so they're happy to support the Twins. They're now calling their large drinks "Bombas." So you can now order a Bomba Pumpkin Spice Latte, or maybe a Bomba Depth Charge. Order up a Bomba Berry White Mocha, or a Bomba Turtle Mocha.  You get the idea.

Bomba is a spanish word that translates to bomb. It's become the nickname of the home run hitting American League Central Division Champions, and let's hope we see some bombas go off tonight versus the Yanks! Go Twins!


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