This is bad news for coffee lovers everywhere, especially those in Duluth!

Caribou Coffee made a big announcement Thursday: some customer's personal data has been compromised, thanks to a breach that involves nearly 300 of its branches.

According to a press release from the company, "there is a possibility that your name and credit card information, including card number, expiration date and card security code may have been accessed as a result of this unauthorized activity."

Here is a list of the Caribou Coffee stores affected:

  • The Caribou Coffee located in the Stone Ridge Shopping Center at 627 West Central Entrance
  • The Caribou Coffee located in Canal Park at 307 Canal Park Drive
  • The Caribou Coffee located in Miller Hill Mall at 1600 Miller Trunk Highway
  • The Caribou Coffee located at Supervalu at 1600 Woodland Avenue

Other locations in the surrounding areas were also affected.

The company states they first noticed the breach near the end of November and are positive it is now contained.

To figure out if you have been impacted by the data breach, Caribou Coffee suggests you review your bank statements and see if there is any suspicious activity. If you spot any unauthorized charges, you are asked to contact your bank immediately.

You are also encouraged to check your statements for unauthorized activity regularly, even if you don't notice anything suspicious at this time.

Caribou Coffee has set up a hotline to answer questions regarding the breach. Dial 877-698-3760 to speak with someone who can help or email the company at

This is a huge bummer. Hopefully nobody in the Northland is hit by this.

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