It may seem like an odd question, but hey, it's that spooky time of year. Have you ever wondered if you can bury a family member on your private property in Wisconsin?

The short answer is yes you can. But there are steps to take, and your local county or jurisdiction may prohibit it.

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In terms of the state law in Wisconsin, there's nothing against it. The Wisconsin Department of Health has some requirements that they outline.

First, you'll need to file a Notice Of Removal with the County Register of Deeds, the Coroner/Medical Examiner, or the State Vital Records Office for forms and instructions.

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If you plan on burying the deceased on your property, you need to contact the Wisconsin Burial Preservation at 608-264-6494. The Register of Deeds can find the appropriate office that has information on zoning restrictions and how to record the gravesite on the land description and deed.

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If you are seriously considering burying a family member on your private property in Wisconsin, it would behoove you to contact an attorney who can help you navigate the many laws in Wisconsin.

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While researching this, I found some other interesting, morbid laws. Did you know that in Wisconsin you can't have a funeral at a friend of the deceased home? It needs to be the deceased home or a relative's home. Strange, right?

Neighboring Minnesota is more restrictive when it comes to burying a family member on your property. It technically is possible, but there are far more hoops to jump through including designating a portion of your property as a cemetery.

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