Finally, someone who understands us! Busch beer is offering a big discount on some of their products to those sticking winter out in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

According to their website, they are about to make "the cold months go down a little easier" by offering one dollar off of several Busch products for every inch of snow that falls in our great states.

This isn't just for any city in the participating states though. Busch is tracking snowfall totals in Minneapolis and Green Bay starting from the first of the year through the end of March. Snowfall totals will be rounded up and will be cut off at thirty inches. (Hopefully, it doesn't come to that.)

All you have to do to cash in is prove that you live in any of the states listed, are at least 21 years old and sign up for your rebate before March 20th of this year.

The deal is also available for those in New York, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska and North Dakota.

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