Every year there are new laws added to the book.  This year there is no exception.  Make sure to pick up a booklet so you have it handy for this weekend.  Also a big thing this year is the invasive species prevention push, so make sure to follow those rules as well.  The DNR will be out, so be legal! 

New Regulations for 2012


• Multiple hooks allowed on a single line


• Artificial lures/bait may have an additional hook


• The carcass of any fish with size restrictions consumed on water or ice must be retained


• Labeling from purchased dead bait must be retained


• Bait buckets must have water exchanged prior to leaving any waterbody


• Drain plugs must be removed from all boating-related equipment prior to transporting


• New restrictions on using fish taken from Lake Superior and its tributaries as bait


New Experimental/Special Regulations


•Added or modified 6 lakes and 1 stream with quality walleye, sunfish, crappie, brook trout, or bass regulations. Dropped special regulations on northern pike on 21 lakes. Changes include: Lake Vermilion (St. Louis Co.), walleye slot limit modified; Long Lake (Kandiyohi Co.), largemouth bass slot limit modified; Splithand, Little Splithand, and Dixon lakes (Itasca Co.), added panfish bag limits; Lester Lake (Hubbard Co.),added catch and release for all species; and Lawndale Creek (Wilkin Co.), added catch and release for brook trout. Clarification to Synopsis


• It is unlawful to take fish by hand


Wait!?  What? Taking fish by hand?  What the hell does that mean?  Check out this video if you've never heard of it.  Oh and remember it's illegal here.


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