Have you heard of Love Locks?  The first time I heard of this testament of lovers was with the bridge in Paris.  The structure had so many locks attached to it, the structure was compromised, so they were removed.  That's the case on the Brooklyn Bridge as well, but on Duluth's famous Lakewalk, the Love Locks remain with room for more.

My understanding was that lovers would attach a padlock to a bridge and throw the key in the water below professing their undying love.  Cool concept for the romantics.  For the engineers of the bridge, a nightmare.  A few locks aren't a problem, but for the high traffic tourist areas I'm sure it could become a problem in a big hurry.

Recently, officials in New York announced that if they found people attaching locks of love on the Brooklyn Bridge they would be fined $100.  I don't think that's hefty enough to deter some people.  But, they did have to do something, last year they removed 11,000 locks and that cost the city several thousands of dollars.

I don't know who was the first to attach a love lock on the wood of Duluth's Lakewalk, but they were smart about it.  They chose to do it on a wooden structure that is easily accessible, they were smart not to attach the lock to the Aerial Lift Bridge and it makes another great conversation piece for our tourists and locals.

Some info via:  10mosttoday.com, NY Times and Int'l Business Times

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