I recently attended a bridal shower for a family friend and of course, there were games.  I hadn't been to a bridal shower in awhile so I didn't know what to expect.  One game was retro with a twist and one was new to me (and I wasn't that great at it).

There are so many bridal shower games to choose from and it doesn't necessarily coincide with the brides personality.  It is more the likes and dislikes of the people throwing the bridal shower.  The first game we played involved the blue and pink paper in the picture.  There were questions we needed to answer about both the bride and the groom.  That evened the playing field since everyone in the room new at least one of them, however, the people that new both had the advantage.

The other game was retro with a trendy twist.  Remember when they use to put items on a tray or cookie sheet and walk around the room so you each had about a minute to look at it and then had to write down everything you remembered seeing?  We did that, except that the bride's mother had gone to the department store where the couple was registered and purchased many of the kitchen gadgets (it was her gift to her daughter).  Then they tied them to an apron (also a gift) and had the bride put it on and walk around the room using the same concept, we needed to write down as many things as we remembered hanging off the apron.  Such a cute idea for a game used as a gift!

There's the classic "toilet paper" wedding dress.  You break off into groups, one person is the mock bride and the group tries to make a bridal gown entirely out of toilet paper.  Not an easy feat with the perforation, but it does help your guests get to know each other.

I did a little research and was shocked at some of the bridal games being played now.  One involved all the guests bringing a new clean pair of underwear that reflected their personality.  Then the bride had to match the underwear to the guest that brought it.  Weird!  Maybe at the bachelorette party, but not at the shower.  Am I being a prude?

What are some of the bridal games you remember or what are some of the new ones being played now?  Enlighten me!