Earlier this week a friend of mine and I went and tried Techno Hunt.  It's basically a video game where you shoot your arrows with a special tip at hunting scenarios on a screen.  It is soooo much fun!

The computer tracks where your arrow hit, and then gives you a score based on the location.   If you hit it right smack dab in the kill zone, you get a bullseye.  Near that area, you get a vital score, and then if you just hit it, you get a body score.   I learned quickly that if you hit it in the neck, it's deemed unethical and you get a 0.

I did pretty well my first time out.   This was a great way for me to test out my archery skills before actually going out into the field.

You can participate in Techno Hunt at Custom Archery and Outdoors at 1230 Poplar Avenue in Superior.  It's pretty inexpensive too.  For two people, it's $8 per person for roughly a half hour.  Well worth the money.

Custom Archery and Outdoors also has everything you need for Archery and hunting, so check them out!  They've also got some great specials at the Duluth Deer Classic at the Decc through Sunday!