Brad Paisley learned of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on Monday (April 15), and like all Americans, he felt for the victims, the families of victims and all Bostonians.

During an interview after the fact the singer expressed the sadness and anger he felt seeing coverage of the marathon bombings.

"I am absolutely heartbroken," Paisley told the WakeUp Crew at K102 radio in Minneapolis, Minn. "That is the most cowardly act that these extremists can do. I mean putting a bomb somewhere and running away, it's the most cowardice that you'll see out of a human being. It's just crazy."

Three were killed and dozens were injured when two bombs exploded within seconds of each other at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Patriots Day in Boston. While a suspect has not been named and no one has taken responsibility for the bombings, President Obama is calling the event an act of terrorism.

"Hopefully in our country," Paisley continued, "we can get past this sort of thing and continue to live our lives the way we want to live them and not let them mess with our minds like they are trying to do. It's just awful."

Paisley has spent the last week promoting his new album 'Wheelhouse' and talking about the controversy created by the LL Cool J collaboration 'Accidental Racist.' Earlier in the interview he thanked country radio for sticking with him through "a really long week."

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