This really sounds like a fun time, and a great way to raise money for the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center. We had them in today to talk about the different escape rooms and what to expect.

There are three escape rooms that you can choose from. The first is FDR's bunker, where you accidentally get locked in President Roosevelt's World War II bunker and you need to find clues to crack the code and escape.

Next is the deadly deer hunter, which is only for those 13 and older as it is a horror scene. You've stumbled onto the wrong man's property and you must find a way to get out and save your life.

And the last one, which may be the one I'm most interested in, is called the Door To Doomsday, which was actually custom created for The Bong Center. It deals with the cold war crisis and if launching a nuke is the right thing to do and if you can save the world. Pretty cool, right?!

The cost is just 25/person and the money raised goes to the education programs the center provides.

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