On Friday of last week, a story broke involving a body being discovered in Cloquet.  The body has been identified.

The body has been identified as Dakotah Jayde Abramski, according to a story at DuluthNewsTribune.com:

Dakotah Jayde Abramowski, 21, was reported missing by a family member on Feb. 18 but had not been seen since leaving an apartment complex on January 5, police said.

Abramowski’s body was found about 2 p.m. Friday in the snow in a semi-wooded backyard in the 700 block of Poplar Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The body was found less than 500 yards from where he first was reported missing, police said.

His mother has stated that he came home late at night on January 5 and she suspected he was high on drugs.  She later heard him talking with people in their apartment hallway before he left again, never to return.

An investigation continues in this case, which will focus on cause of death and toxicology reports.

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