Get ready for this story because it's a wild ride!

I was minding my own business Thursday (June 13th) when I received a text from my aunt who was catching an airplane from a small airport in the Twin Cities area. She asked me if I knew someone named Bill who was in that "ghost buster" movie.

When I responded excitedly with a big, fat YES, she told me she had ran into him at the airport and they had a conversation, all while she had absolutely no idea he was a famous movie star.

According to my aunt, he has friends that live on White Bear Lake so he likes to come and visit. He used to take his kids there in the summer and rent them jet skis. He also told her he recently hurt his leg water skiing.

After the encounter, an excited woman in the bathroom told her that it was indeed Bill Murray she had been talking to. Ha! He didn't say if he was coming or going or what he was doing in Minnesota.

Sadly, because my aunt didn't realize she was in the presence of Hollywood royalty, there is no photographic evidence of this encounter.

A quick internet search shows that these encounters with Murray are actually very common. In fact, they are so common, there is even an entire website dedicated to the run-ins.


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