Nothing smells better than fresh ground coffee beans, except for a steaming hot cup of fresh brewed java, from those beans. If you ask several people what the word "coffee" means to them, you'll get several different answers. To some it means 15 minutes they don't have to work and can gossip in the break room, to others it's a guaranteed warmth that spreads through their body after shoveling 5 inches of snow in 29 degree weather (with a wind chill). But the most common answer you'll hear is “it's the only thing that will drag my resistant body from the self-conformed cocoon of my down comforter to start the day".

Yes, coffee definitely has a tough job each and every morning. If you truly want to have a good day, as the convenience store clerk told you to do…you should be reaching for the “Best Coffee in the Northland”!    Here’s where to find it:

Douwe Egberts - Multiple Locations


One of the best tasting coffee can be found in many different locations. The brand name is Douwe Egberts and is SO good, I’ve researched websites to purchase it in bulk.  However, it’s found at Valentini’s Vicino Lago, so why not have a cup after my favorite Italian meal. Or, grab a cup while playing slots or blackjack at Grand Casino Hinckley, Fond Du Luth or Black Bear Casino, they serve it too and it’s delicious!

Paine Memorial Church - Carlton, MN


I’m taking you to higher “grounds” for the next location to get a great tasting cup of coffee. The J.M. Paine Memorial Church in Carlton, MN. I honestly don’t know if they still make it this way, but our potluck dinners in the fellowship hall years ago, smelled wonderful with the special coffee the ladies of the church would brew. The secret (and I only know half the secret) is cracking a raw egg into the grounds while brewing. The church ladies were pretty tight-lipped about the recipe, so if you know the correct way to brew this coffee, do tell!

Buffalo Wild Wings - duluth


If you’re looking for a fresh brewed cup of coffee every time, and I mean, even your re-fill, then visit Buffalo Wild Wings. They brew every cup individually, as you request it. However, they don’t have the blue sugar, only the pink and sometimes the yellow, but not the blue. I’m a fan of aspartame and the blue sugar, so I carry my own. One DOES have to appreciate a restaurant that realizes they shouldn’t serve coffee that has sat for hours and instead, chooses to fresh brew it, cup by cup.

Cathy's House - None of Your Business :)


Unless I invite each one of you to my home, you won’t get a chance to taste the coffee I’m brewing in my home at this time. Currently, I am grinding whole beans that were a gift from Costa Rica, which is that country’s biggest import product.   It’s smooth in both taste and texture and I store the whole beans in the freezer to keep them at optimal freshness until ground.   I have also tasted Hawaiian, Cuban and Jamaican coffees.   If you’ve never tried them, expand your horizons and excite your taste buds, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Do a little research, find your favorite out-of-country coffee and share your opinion with B105.

Caribou Coffee - duluth - canal park


Ok, are you ready for my ultimate, favorite, number one on the list? I’m a Bou fan and proud of it. Not only for the coffee, but because of the upbeat, friendly staff.  Wouldn’t you be if you could ingest different types of caffeinated drinks your whole work shift?

Most of the Bou Crew in the Canal Park location knows what my signature drink is, before I ask, a Latte with a shot of caramel, skinny. Perfect every time! I use to get the Cappuccino with a shot of caramel, but decided I wanted more content and less froth.

My husband likes it sweeter, so he’s into the White Chocolate Mocha, although he won’t admit it’s a foo foo coffee drink….IT IS! My daughter is a cooler/smoothie fan, but has trouble deciding between the Mint Condition, Campfire Mocha and the Turtle Mocha. If you’re on a diet, there’s something on the menu just for you, look under the Northern Lites portion of the menu. Oh, and if you go to their website, you can sign up to get emails that will inform you of new flavors, products and give you special discounts.

We’re lucky in the Northland, we have four seasons and a coffee that fits every one of them, which ever way you like your coffee, I hope you enjoy your mug o’java while listening to B105!


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