What the?!  With Major League Baseball's Opening Day happening this week, Minnesota Twins legend and broadcaster Bert Blyleven announced that Fox Sports North has discontinued his popular "Circle Me Bert" feature.  They will also stop giving away Minnesota Lottery tickets to select fans in the stands.

For about 15 years, Twins fans have brought homemade signs to Target Field with the hope that Blyleven would notice them and circle them on screen during the television broadcast.  This was especially fun to see when the Twins were on the road and you could see their following all over the country.

According to StarTribune.com,

Fox Sports North is introducing a new concept it says will get "fans at the ballpark and watching at home" involved. Called the "Winners Circle," it will highlight milestones for fans (like birthday and anniversaries), and fan submissions will be collected on Fox Sports North's website.

Who do they Bert Blyleven is, Al Roker?!  Perhaps FSN doesn't realize that many "Circle Me Bert" signs already incorporated birthdays, anniversaries and other personal milestones and fans watching on TV enjoyed the feature regardless of if they were personally involved or not.

I offer this suggestion: Why not take birthdays and anniversaries on their website and then have a set time each game, like going into the bottom of the 8th inning, to announce the "Winners Circle" for the game.  Then allow "Circle Me Bert" to still be a part of the game.  It's not like there's limited down time during a baseball game broadcast.

I say, take Bert's advice and keep bringing signs to the games and demand to be circled!

Minnesota Twins v Colorado Rockies
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