For the first time in a long time, the Belknap Plaza in Superior is full of businesses. A longtime business in the Northland has moved locations and now occupies the once vacant space next to Family Dollar.

Seller's Auction has moved into the plaza after spending the last several years at a location on Ogden Avenue. They recently moved into the new space which should offer better parking options for their guests. They just moved in and are working on making some improvements, but they already have an operating auction space. They hold auctions each Wednesday, and they draw quite a crowd according to Mickey Greene owner of Seller's Auction,

"We've got a lot of people that look forward to our Wednesday night auctions. As you can see there are some regulars we hold their seats for, but we really encourage everyone to come on out."

Ken Hayes

Seller's also is planning on making a retail section for some items in the front area of the building, and once that's opened they'll be extending their hours. Right now they are open Monday-Friday 9-Noon, and Wednesday 9am-9pm for their auction day. You'll also see them out for auctions across the Northland on site on the weekends and special days.

There's many different type of auctions. They've held antique auctions, estates, inventory reductions, firearm, and even benefit and fundraising auctions.

In fact the whole reason I found out they had moved into the Belknap Plaza was because I saw they were having a "Tin Toy" auction this Saturday, October 2. Mickey shows guests videos on their Facebook page frequently to highlight the auction items.

Seller's Auction

After so many years of seeing the Belknap Plaza with at least one or two empty storefronts, it's nice to see a family business move in. Mickey & his wife Christina have been running Seller's in Superior for a few years, and they plan to be around serving the Northland for years to come.

Belknap Plaza also is home to Belknap Liquor & Lounge, Essentia Pharmacy Belknap, Belknap Beauty Salon, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Play It Again Sports, and Security Finance.

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