There has been at least two incidents this spring where bears have broken into cars in Douglas County.  It appears to be the same family of bears that have somehow been able to open the car doors and get inside. One cub actually got its paw stuck in the car door!

According to the Superior Telegram, deputies responded to the call near Wascott and were able to open the door and free the cub. The resident who called in the vehicle prowler also said they had been inside the car rummaging through it. The residents trash was also gone through, which is much more common for bears to do.

Authorities also responded to another vehicle that had been found with all four doors open and rummaged through.  It was a buick enclave, and it had puncture marks in the car and on a water bottle.  It had sandy smudges throughout the car, but nothing was missing.  They concluded that it was a bear that had gone into the car, attracted by the smell of pizzas that had been in the car a few days earlier.

Officials with the Wisconsin DNR urge people to keep bird feeders, garbage cans, compost, and pet food out of reach for bears, especially in the spring.

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