This is the kind of news we need in the world right now. A cute baby animal was just born at the Lake Superior Zoo!

This news is especially welcome after some sad news. Earlier this month, the Lake Superior Zoo shared that one of their famous lions had passed away. Lily was a fan favorite and rightfully so.

Sadly, Lily was acting off and upon further examination, doctors found that she had a possible mass and fluid around the heart. Because of her age, they weren't able to do anything that would have prolonged her life without her being in pain.

Now, there is a reason to smile again with news that a baby goral has been born at the Lake Superior Zoo. If you're like me, you're wondering what a goral is. I did some research but the first thing you need to know is that a goral is insanely cute!

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A goral is a goat-like mammal that resembles a goat or an antelope. Like I said, a goral is an amazingly cute animal. This goral is a Chinese goral and according to the Lake Superior Zoo, was found on the morning of June 21st of this year.

The new baby boy's name is Xiazhi, which is Chinese for summer solstice. It is a perfectly fitting name since the baby was discovered on the summer solstice of this year! Xiazhi's parents are Mac and Brie, two favorites at the Lake Superior Zoo.

Thankfully for us, the Lake Superior Zoo shared some sweet snapshots of the new baby animal on their Instagram page. Who wouldn't be obsessed with this little baby?!

They also shared a pretty cool fact about gorals. There are only twenty-three Chinese Gorals across the United States (in AZA Accredited zoos) and four of them are right here in Duluth. We really are blessed with the best.

I don't know about you but I definitely want to go see this little baby goral in person. The zoo says that if you want to do so, it is best to come in the mornings and afternoons when the weather is a bit cooler.

If you're curious about the other goral, her name is Tina! She came to the zoo as part of their Species Survival Plan. Look at those eyelashes!

The Lake Superior Zoo is located at 7210 Fremont Street in Duluth. They always have a ton of fun events going on, especially on holidays. It is also the nineteenth oldest zoo in the United States!

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