I AM A DOG LOVER!  I am all for this!  The City of Duluth already has two dog parks, one at Observation Hill and another at Keene's Creek.  Now, another is being proposed, but will there be room for it?

A couple that lives on Park Point wants another dog park in the city and recently submitted a proposal for one to be built on the Park Point peninsula. The definition of a dog park is:  a park for dogs to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment under the supervision of their owners.  The new site proposed would give a whole new environment for dogs to play in, Lake Superior!

Just think of all the outdoor enthusiastic Northlanders that will love to bring their four legged friends to the Point with them, not to mention tourists who are traveling and need an area to let their pet explore and stretch their legs after a long car ride.

The proposed dog park would be on the south side of the soccer fields at the end of Park Point.  I'm not sure if the airplanes taking off and landing would be scary for the canines, but if you bring them often enough, they'll get used to it.

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