The Lake Superior Writers are looking for entries in this years writing contest.  The theme this year is "Rivers: Mapped and Unmapped."  There are several categories you can enter to win $250, and a winner from each category will be asked to read an excerpt at the Lake Superior Writers Annual Meeting.

The Lake Superior Writers explain what the theme means:

The 2017 theme is “Rivers: Mapped and Unmapped.” We are looking for submissions that use the theme of rivers, real or metaphorical. Writers have written about rivers as a metaphor for time, history, lifeblood and more. What will rivers, or a specific river, evoke in your writing? In her song River, Joni Mitchell wrote, “I wish I had a river I could skate away on.” What do rivers mean to you?

For more information on guidelines and how to enter you can visit Lake Superior Writers website.

Members can enter for free, but non members need to pay a $35 entry fee.

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