Like their slogan says, at Arby's they "have the meats".  And - apparently, you can buy it by the pound at least if you're in the right part of the United States.

Since July, residents of Atlanta have been able to drive through their favorite Arby's location and order some of their signature meat by the pound - sans the bun.  According to news sources, customers can select roast turkey, pit-smoked ham or New York-style corned beef.  And the prices are comparable to what you would find at the deli:  $8.99 a pound or $4.99 for a half-pound.

For the time being, the meat-by-the-pound move is a test run, with Atlanta being the market that was chosen to try it out. The marketing move does have a COVID-19-related origin - according to Patrick Schwing, Arby's Chief Marketing Officer:

“This idea was born from Arby’s desire to innovate during a difficult time to best serve our customers.  Through this offering, we are able to provide a product that not only have our guest repeatedly asked for, but we can do it in an easy, socially-distant drive-thru setting.”

Schwing also added that the company is proud of the quality of the meat they sell (which is normally available on their pre-made sandwiches); this is just another way to showcase that quality - without any buns or condiments.

The current test-run will last through the end of the month of September.  If the marketing move is successful, you can fully-expect to see the option available at Arby's locations all across the United States.

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